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I purchased a qp65g and am looking for a remote starter kit for it the part no is 0G7045 and many list it and until I get to checkout then is stated unavailable the unit I have is never been used and I want to install it in my rv are you able to source one for me please Marcel Lloydminster area The unit runs very nice and quiet I am hoping to find a proper start kit as I am capable of building one but may not be as... Read more

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Being a ex dealer I can tell you Generac is the worst customer service of any company, they have none. There dealer support is the same they have none. All of there generators have problems they break down a lot. Customers get mad at you but all your doing is trying too help. The pay stucks that's if you get paid. The best solution is too buy other brands They tell dealer you can only sell Generac brands, they force you too take training on... Read more

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Installed my new $300 Mobile Link on my new $5000 generator and it doesn't even turn on (nothing). Called online dealer who said call Generac and when I called Generac they said I needed to go through a Authorized Service Dealer. Authorized Service Dealers require minimum $250 to sign up for service agreement before they'll come and look. Simple non working accessory which I'm happy to send to Generac but they will help me. They are tied... Read more

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I purchased a Generac 17Kw generator when I built my new home in 2011. I installed it myself and did all of the scheduled maintenance with Generac OEM parts. As it turned out we’ve had really reliable power where we live and the unit barely ever ran. After 5 years and only 60Hrs of actual use, in February 2016 the low oil pressure sensor shut down the unit. I replaced the oil pressure sensor and the oil, but still the error condition... Read more

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Bought a generator and had it 9 months and could get no juice from it. Call company and said too many hours on it to cover with warranty but that dont make sense because if u have a,power shortage and have to run for a week or so 24 hours till powrr comes back it should last a ling time. We have a older generator that runs all day and has never needed fixed. We will never buy another generac and will tell everyone we know not to buy one. Read more

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Will not start when cold. Was told by cs that they have units in Canada that are fine. They said it was fuel issue. I had Nicor out to install larger meter. Still overcranks. No help from cs. Nicor said they hear many problems with cold start on Generac. Told to get a higher quality Kohler. Read more

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We bought a 20kW Generac generator and had it hooked up to our propane tank. Cost a small fortune. In three years, and about 20 power outages, it has worked twice! We have maintained it religiously using the firm that installed it. But it is constantly breaking down with one thing or another. And to top it all, apparently it will not work in freezing weather because water moisture in the propane freezes in the regulator. I don't imagine... Read more

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Generac is the hardest company to do business with, they just they are slow pay, when working on generators for customers it hard to get parts. The it take forever to get payment, and it's below what work you put in it. There always right and everyone else is wrong it's amazing they are so big. People need to get the word out to make a company do things right More Ex dealer need to come together to fight for what is right, they have left and bad... Read more

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bought the 7500 during a storm outage 2 years ago. 5 hours and the engine is shot. what a waste of my money and trying to get someone to fix it. I'll buy another brand from now on. The engine starts but fails to run for more than 10 seconds. Put new fuel in and replacement tune up parts with the same result. I took it to a small engine guy who could no get it to do any better. He tried putting new carburetor on and that didn't help... Read more

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well bought a 16kw guardian generator made it 2years 8 month or 102 hours bear went down in generator and ruined it . Bought a 17kw generator 2011 made it 4 years or 204 hours slip ring and brush or controller don't know yet. I have over 7500 dollars in Generac generators and nothing but big problems keeping it running. If you want a run around and waste a bunch of money buy a generac generator when the power go out you will be in the dark. No... Read more

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