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Bought (and had professionally installed), a Generac Guardian 8Kw with transfer switch. This was in June of 2011. It hasn't worked right since. Had installation company out 9 times to fix various problems and ironically the last day they had to get it running was the day Hurricane Sandy hit. I was out of power for 6 days while this tub of s*it sat there like a boat anchor. Finally Generac sends a new engine to be installed. It took 2 months to... Read more

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Bought a iq2000 for a camping trip,box said QUIET in big letters on box. WHICH IS A LIE! Long tory short have a Honda eb2400 witch a construction type generator with no idle control this generator run quieter than the generac. Don't buy a iq2000 generac!

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There are NO LINKS on their website for warranty registration! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE by phone! Serial number is concealed. Model and model number are different depending on where you look. Instruction manual defines locations differently.They are only interested in selling whole house generators. Toll free number just jerks you around. Customer service sends you to someone else who then sends you to someone else. Numerous attempte to sell, sell,... Read more

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Do not buy there products. Long story short bought 20kw Generac Generator paid over $4000 dollars. Not even a year old and 17hrs on it. Ran for 5mins during hurricane Mathew and failed. Needs a total engine replacement and is under 5yr warranty. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks and still do not have the engine replacement. Totally unacceptable company. Poor coustomer service and in 2 weeks I have spend over 4hrs in the phone trying to find... Read more

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We sold Generac brand products for about 2 years, but we had so much trouble with their products and poor factory support, we gave up. We've had nothing but trouble with the product including catching fire. I was at a grocery store when a Generac natural gas unit caught fire. Talk about exciting! It appeared to be running fine, then smoke starts billowing out of cabinet of the generator. Scary - it was natural gas engine and no way to get to... Read more

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I purchased a home generator in Nov2015. The generator only has 17 hours on it. We lost power this year in late sep 2016 for 6 hours generator started up no problem. The generator runs its tests every week with no issues. During this past hurricane about 2 weeks ago we lost power. Generator started up no problem. 5 minutes later the generator stopped. I restarted the key board/electric system during the hurricane. The generator only made one... Read more

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Buy the Honda, it's 200 bucks more but well worth it, unless you only plan on powering hillbilly lights at the campground. This generator won't even power a Dewalt skilsaw. I have a cheap buffalo tools generator that I bought from Harbor Freight for 300 bucks that will run my saw, but the 800 dollar Generac won't. I put gas and oil in the unit, so it's not returnable, how else am I supposed to try it? I bought the unit from Northern Tool, their... Read more

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So complaint #2.i get a call from lady from escaladed customer service,saying oh we are so sorry and this shouldnt of happened. Oh wait i see why they missed it,my company upgraded or changed the software and now you have to be properly trained to look up warranty...WHAT..i call BS..there would be a whole lot more complaints than mine and a multi-million dollar company isnt gonna change something without simplifying it..then to tell me that... Read more

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It has been over three weeks since I put my generator 5500 in for carburetor service. I call to check on it and all I get is the run around that they are waiting on parts over and over. Service is lousy! Wanted to let my son in NC use it during hurricane Matthew but cannot get it fixed. It is serviced at Bowco Electric in Beckley, WV. It seems to me your company needs more distributions center to send out parts faster. If I were to do it... Read more

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I am experiencing an ongoing problem with our Generac 20 kw Generator. We purchased a 20KW Generac Generator on 08/2010 from 'Brickhouse Services' in Laceyville, PA and have had it serviced yearly by them. During the 2014 yearly service the technician was only able to change one spark plug. He said the rear one was seized in the head. I asked what they were going to do and he said it was not a problem at this time as the plugs last awhile. I... Read more

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