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My dealership is in the Houston TX area and have been a Generac Dealer for over 10 years. Today, I spent time reviewing a number of the customer complaints and feel obligated to offer my thoughts. As a longtime Generac Dealer I have seen Generac go through a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. In so far as the quality of the residential equipment they manufacture, it's as good as any other manufacturer and in some ways superior. ... Read more

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Generac neighbor waiting for sound barrier Todd Schelfhout, For USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin 9:31 a.m. CDT July 7, 2016 Homes-Generators_Atki.jpg (Photo: AP ) I currently live across the street from Generac Generator, 3815 Oregon, Oshkosh, which currently resides in the former Baldor Electric facility since 2015. Generac currently manufactures a large industrial generator the size of semi-trailers, while Baldor Electric manufactured a smaller... Read more

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A few years ago I purchased a Generac PowerBoss 8000 watts Power Master generator from Lowes in Lafayette, La. I used it for general purposes like lights and pump and electrical tools. This went on for a little over a year until we had a hurricane. Then, I hooked it up to my house during a power outage to run freezer, refrigerator and water well. All was OK until I turned on a computer protected by a UPS backup power supply. I kept tripping... Read more

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First Eco Gen installed. Broke down within a week. Several service calls later it was determined they would replace it. Problem seemed to be in a box that cost $2700 for the part. New generator ran fine, for a while. Then just under 1500 hours it quit again. Same part. The closest service repairman is just over 100 miles away. Generac warranty covered 50 miles. The part was replaced under the warranty. This unit will fail again for the same... Read more

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when generac dealers tell you this company and product is *** , thats eye opening. wish i'd read reviews before purchasing. I would have NEVER bought the product.Broke down twice in 18 months and been down going on 2 weeks.Still under warranty, the dealer I called came out and said the controller was bad and charged me 130 dollars even though I am under warranty saying I could wait for generac to refund me because they took forever to recoup... Read more

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I purchased a 5500 watt generac. It has 11 hrs use, motor locked up. It was under warranty . it needs a nrw motor. Its been in the shop for longer than i owned it. Northern tool is an authorized dealer so theyre doing the repair. Replacing entire motor its been 6 weeks and they havent gotten the parts. So im feed up and ill be making a trip to see for myself what i can do as custimer who spent 600$. Theyre shouldnt even be a reason not to just... Read more

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Bought 5 GP17500E generators in the spring of 2016 to run welders on a construction project. The failures keep coming. Have had 3 seize exhaust valves causing major engine damage. One had a coil go out. One had a connector come loose to the anti-diesel solenoid causing a no start. These units are ran 6 days a week, each is not around 300 hours of operating time in about two months. Currently one is at the Generac service center as it no... Read more

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Website not user friendly. Called to get part number, was placed on hold for over 20 minutes then told I would receive an email which I did not ever receive. Called back just to be placed on hold another 45 minutes and then was told to hold again. I feel that this is VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!!! I would much rather be lied to saying that the part is not available or at least give some type of feedback. Nothing can be found on the website and that... Read more

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Generac Pressure Washer 6590
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I bought this item at Lowe's in Canada (Toronto) in May, 2015. I paid $700 for it because for some reason, I thought it was supposed to be a heavy duty machine. I had an electric Karcher for years which was quite reliable, but I wanted more power, so I bought this heavy duty gas unit. First of all, they won't disclose or give you a parts manual or specs of any kind. I had to contact them twice just to determine oil capacity and spark plug... Read more

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Purchased this from Lowes last year. Home Generator. After finally getting propane company to set us a tank,4 months of begging now waiting for contracter to finish installing it. Has never run yet,parts keeps tearing up. Contractor already paid too. Customer service its lousy to say the least. Hey Generac,get your stuff together and make this product better!!Dont know how you keep selling this product and its crappy. Contractor did install pad... Read more

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