Generac Guardian Generator Reviews

I purchased a 15KVA whole house backup generator from Home Depot.I had it installed by a licensed electrician and it Worked reasonably well for years with only an occasional issue. It was maintained according to schedule provided. However, when it did fail in caught fire and nearly burned down my entire house. Fuel supply system never shut off after exercising and it continued to burn until the manifold, carburetor and entire intake system...
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I didn't like
  • It almost killed me and my family
Hey Generac,get your stuff together and make this product better!!Dont know how you keep selling this product and its crappy. Contractor did install pad to set this on, shifted and sunk within a week. We went a bought landscaping timbers and rock to rebuild it ourselves. Geez. Such a crappy experience with sells and contractors feel like rolling unit downhill and raccons could have the unit to build in.This has been an aggravation no customer...
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Anonymous You should have used a certified Generac installer, you wouldn't be looking at the problems you're having. No I don't work for them or am I a spokes person for the company. I'...

I liked
  • Not much
I didn't like
  • Whole experience